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The Vietnamese guitar, properly known as Guitar Phím Lõm, comes from the southern region of Vietnam and is characterized by its scalloped fingerboard.

Our acoustic Vietnamese guitar model.
Made in Vietnam with a high level of craftsmanship.

Decorated edges and a traditional-styled body make for a finely crafted guitar.
In order to improve sound quality and level of playability, some modifications were made at Humpback Engineering in Japan.

The tuning pegs are high quality Gotoh SG381 pegs.

Body Top: Cedar
Body Side / Back: Mahogany
Body Decoration (Black): Asian Rosewood
Body Decoration (Yellow): Sapodilla
Head: Giant Crepe Myrtle
Head (Surface): Asian Rosewood
Neck: Giant Crepe Myrtle
Fingerboard: Asian Rosewood
Nuts: Bone
Saddle / Frets: Chrome
Tailpiece / Pegs: Inox
Weight: 2 kg

This authentic guitar was assembled in a factory in Vietnam. As each piece is an original, the color and pattern of wood may vary. Please note that some paint residue may be found on the finish. We wish to offer a finish that is as clean as possible, however, when purchasing please keep in mind that some irregularities may occur.

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