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Vietnamese Guitar is a folk instrument from southern Vietnam.
The proper name of the instrument is Guitar Phím Lõm.

lõm Guitar is a Japanese brand producing and selling these instruments.

Lõm is Vietnamese for concave. This naming reflects the shape of the guitar’s scalloped fingerboard. This unique craftsmanship offers a vessel for playing the fascinating music of Vietnam and a gateway to exploring Vietnamese culture.

We hope that we can bring a new way of expression to guitarists and other string-playing musicians.

With VỀNGUỒN Instructor, January 2016

Toshihiro Ohno, the founder of lõm guitar, was blown away by a YouTube video of Vietnamese guitar playing. In 2016 he visited the Về Nguồn music school that had posted the video. While studying the southern Vietnamese guitar style of Cải Lương, he decided to start a guitar manufacturer dedicated to bringing others the appeal and potential of the Vietnamese guitar.

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