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Handmade Dan Bau (Active Pickup)

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The dan bau (đàn bầu) is a Vietnamese stringed instrument, in the form of a one-stirng zither.

This model is handmade by craftsmen in Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam.
The beautiful carving pattern is also handmade one by one.

Equipped with active pickups. 
Volume and tone can be adjusted.

The most distinctive feature of this model is the equiped with adjustable position marks for hormonics picking.
In most models on the market, they need to be marked with a pen or similar tool.

Body Top: Makha Tree
Flexible Stem: Water Buffalo Horn
Resonator: Asian Rosewood
Bridge / Pegs / Jack: Stainless Steel
Position Markers (Movable): Inox, Bronze, Aluminium
Pickup:  Stainless Steel, Magnet
Control Knob: Plastic
Weight: 2.5 kg

Product Configuration:
- Dan Bau
- Simplified Soft Case
- 1 Dan Bau Pick
- 1 Replacement String
* 9V batteries not included

to USA : 12,700 JPY
to Europe, Canada and Oceania : 10,900 JPY
to Asia : 5,400-6,950 JPY

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