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Vietnamese Guitar Electric Standard / Tay Ninh Blue

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The Vietnamese guitar, properly known as Guitar Phím Lõm, comes from the southern region of Vietnam and is characterized by its scalloped fingerboard.

Our standard Vietnamese electric guitar model.
Made in Vietnam with a high level of craftsmanship.

The body of this guitar is a standard shape well known to guitar players.
We’ve chosen this shape with the hope that this guitar will be accessible to those outside of the specialized folk guitar realm.

The yellow/white color combination reflects the vibrant colors found in Tây Ninh Province in Vietnam.

As is standard with Vietnamese guitars, the pickup switch selects the front pickup, closest to the neck, in all five positions.

Body: Ash Wood
Head: Maple Wood
Neck: Maple Wood
Fingerboard: Ash Wood
Bridge / Frets / Pegs / Jack: Stainless Steel
Pickguard: Plastic
Pickups: Bronze, Plastic, Stainless Steel, Magnet
Weight: 4.2 kg


This authentic guitar was assembled in a factory in Vietnam. The color and pattern of wood may vary. Please note that rough spots may appear due to processing. We wish to offer a finish that is as clean as possible, however, when purchasing please keep in mind that some irregularities may occur.

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